Before Long

Before Long

Postby Rance » Mon Dec 30, 2019 3:26 am

Msa. Burnie,

I should have presumed that in the wake of your judjement over the length of my return trek in your last letter, your journey from Razasan would last even longer, take a more exhaustive route, and demand greater time of you and your travelling companiens. I can only imagine it must be tiring to need so constantly of others' time and energy to suit your needs but alas, men and women at the hearts of their own personal cosmose are ultimately blind beings.

As such, welcome home. This letter will greet you, or perhaps you have already set foot in your abode. Genny has returned which means you either cannot be far behind her. You will perhaps be very disappointed to know that in your absence I have lost no interest in my campaign and have only been strengthened in rasolve to see it muted or altogether dismantled: untrustworthy trade, after all, welcomes danger. And twice now Your Companion has seen fit to try to claim my life. Which means she either cares very powerfully for me, or cares nothing at all, I cannot yet dissern. It should be quite a compliment that I find myself capable of stirring the ire of some otherworldly presence with but my living alone. Yet, I greatly covet my own neck and blood. You may remind me later how selfish this is, as I am sure you will.

What I must thank you for is that Genny Tolleson was returned safely and whole. Though I cannot help but wonder how you manage to diminish her when she is long in your presence. Have you noticed this. You relegate her to a shadow; she shrinks beneath your wind, and this has always been the case: she has performed your bidding because she wants peace and your safety, yet you are constantly incapable of seeing how you damage her. She is small around you. She was small upon that scaffold; she was small upon returning.

Have great care with her. The greatest.

You will come to meet me when you are well and hale. Though I most preferred this occur in the Inquisitory, where it may be performed as proper business, I have been convinced by a Kinder Party that you deserve the ease of genial conversation and not inquiry, and I shall defer to this expertise. Will you meet me at the attached address, where Genny Tolleson resides? There the three of us may speak openly, as friends, and we may put it all upon the table: why I see nothing but danger, why you see nothing but advantage. We must have it out, else we shall otherwise explode. I will even place my knife in the cabinet.

I give you this one chance to come forward as one Myrken Wood citizen to another with Good Reason and Support for the necessity of your trade future. Understand, yet again, that I am not wholly opposed, but while you see a future dependent upon lesser sacrifice for greater gain, I prefer to see a comfortable future where no sacrifice is demanded of a people and a citizenrie which has already been asked to give, bleed, and trust far beyond any normal capacity.

The Meetinghouse resumes operasions in over one month's time. Let us be ready to work together to present your plan in the appropriate and lawful way; let us lay the foundations together and if we cannot then to dispense of it entirely.

Do not, in the interest of the sunshine you seek, forget that you are no longer the voice of a whole province.

I look forward to our meeting,

Mna. Gloria Wynsee
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Re: Before Long

Postby Glenn » Fri Jan 24, 2020 1:45 am

The response would come two mornings later.


I am, of course, glad to know that you have arrived back to Myrken without mishap. I am glad to know that you have survived engagements with powers more voluminous (though not greater, never greater) than you or I. I am glad to know that your blade has not dulled; instead, quite the opposite.

Your friendship with Genevieve heartens me. If she and you both derive joy and solace from it, I am gladdened by that as well. I had not expected her to come and retrieve me. That is the danger in offering one truth; they become invested. It's much harder to become invested in something you do not know. I would suggest sharing your truths with her, but doing so with care. She does nothing halfway. She is larger every time I see her. I wonder if it is not your own wishes for her that places you in a narrow vantage point. If that is the case, I will not blame you for it. Even I am incapable of blaming someone for caring.

I will meet with you. We will discuss this and other things. Let Genevieve be there as well. I value her opinion and judgment as I value your restraint and your intent. She shines both in the shadows and in the light. On matters of business and trade, it would be dangerous to move too quickly. You and I are in complete agreement there. On other matters, I would know your thoughts and hers. There are things that affect all of us now.

Let us not bring this either to the Inquisitory or to her abode. Neutral ground that we all may appreciate and lament.


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