happy thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving!

Postby Duquesne » Wed Nov 27, 2019 4:39 pm

it's the one time of the year i can safely tell people to "Get Stuffed!" without feeling like a -- err, a jerk. yeah. *grin*

since i won't have time for this tomorrow: Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you, my friends! if you are traveling, travel safely and well (please do not drive in bad weather, says the former EMT!). if you are or are not, i hope you survive the preparations and the excesses of food and beverages (adult bevs are considered medicinal, but again do not drive, says the friend!) and the noise and the relatives and/or guests and/or PETS underfoot and the football, if that happens to be a thing for you and yours.

and i hope you collapse afterward with round bellies and goodly sentiments and not bad ones -- i say this as much to myself as any, because ALAS i have become prematurely grouchy in my old age (39) and would rather spend a holiday sitting in a leather armchair watching documentaries about archaeology in peace and quiet while nursing some fine scotch. or something. i'm only half-kidding!

anyways, my bizarre and difficult semester is over in a week or so and i will have significantly more time to invest here moving forward. very much looking forward to getting back into play. so! ye whom i owe posts, keep your eyes peeled. if i do not owe you a post and you would like me to owe you a post, give me a shout.

take care, everyone, and have a wonderful holiday!
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Re: happy thanksgiving!

Postby Rance » Thu Nov 28, 2019 1:47 am

Happy Thanksgiving in return, Tristan! Wishing you a wonderful day today. Enjoy the freedom of the post-semester drop, and fill it all with ridiculous amounts of food.

We are glad you're back, and can't wait to continue telling stories with you!
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