For the Governor.

For the Governor.

Postby channe » Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:38 am

This time, the letter would arrive at Glenn's house, sealed with black wax and a stick-scrawled: "A.K.R."


I have asked this of you before, and before, and before, and you are becoming harder to hear from than Duke Burel. Speaking of that:

Over the past two munths I sent four letters to both Aleksei and Duke Burel in Thessilayn. All have been unanswered. This is not like Aleksei and Burel has always been war-like but prommt. Like I told you before I fear Aleksei is dead or worse. I am staying here for you and you alone as Myrken is turning against me because all of the things Rhaena did to me that I couldnt help doing. But I think it is time to send a Delegation to get him back and to see what the FRAKKING HELL is going on out there. The snows are melting in the Pass and it doesn't much matter anyway because of Burel's illegal Kastles we cannot do anything about.

And if you have Rhaena's abilities or are developing something similar you had best tell me right now. I mean that, Glenn. Personally I think the rumors are poppycock but I am sworn to protekt Myrken Wood and that means I must know everything.

And I mean everything.

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