Order Among Chaos

Order Among Chaos

Postby Kestrel » Mon Sep 01, 2014 3:05 pm

The Colonel had yet to make his announcement to the town.

Former-Governor Burnie was languishing within his home with several guardsmen. Just where she had left him. She had quickly shouted her promises to return over what she could only assume was a deluge of words and sentences and ducked out. She needed time to consider the opportunity that lay bare before her. She was to be an advisory to the new government and, in the meantime, to the interim Governor. Certainly not what she had expected, but she could manage with that.

A new sense of responsibility settled upon her shoulders and she hoped that she would wear it well.

Her first order of business came about when she heard whispers about the half-orc having beaten that strange girl who wore a skull on her head until she could barely stumble away. The same man who she had almost allowed into her company. She sighed and rubbed fingers across her temples, glad that he had declined her request. Luck seemed to be with her. For all the whispers said that the girl was dangerous, that she probably had deserved it, that was publicity that she did not need.

The matter would rest, but it did bring about certain questions of law. As far as she could tell, the militia had their claws trimmed and tails tucked after the unrest in town.

There needed to be order. There needed to be consequence.

Posters were nailed around town the following day by the men in her company:

Calling All Able-Bodied Men and Women!

Wanted: Members of the Myrken Miltia

Good pay and benefits of serving your country and His Majesty.

If you hold interest, please direct your questions to The Lady Egris Verreaux or any of her men.
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Re: Order Among Chaos

Postby Rance » Tue Sep 02, 2014 1:30 pm

A letter arrived for the Lady Warden a day after the bills had been posted. The lips of the missive were closed with a blot of red wax stamped with the seal of the Rememdium Edificium.
My Lady,

Please know that in your search of new members of the Militia, the doors of our establishment will always be open to your wounded and your harried. Your recent charity has allowed us to hire more assistants, which I will gladly put at your disposal should you ever need them. Also, while I may be better suited to matters of parchment and ink, I am not averse to including myself among the neophytes, commoners, and impassioned townspeople at your command in the defense of our town.

It will be my hope that organizing a Militia, however, will be a wasted and needless effort, and that their blades go long untouched.

Yours in health of mind, body, and spirit,
Jule Mitchell
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Re: Order Among Chaos

Postby channe » Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:51 am

A letter arrives.

Lady Warden,

I write to you about the Militia. They are a brave group of Men and Women and it is for their sake and the Love and Respect I bear them that I write you to inform you of their recent Trainings so that you can pick up where they were Left.

(Here, she writes for a few paragraphs on the maneuvers they've learned, the drills they do, etc., etc. Very helpful information!)

I would also wish You luck personally in your efforts as Lady Warden but I cannot do that, not after being Deposed with no notice in the middle of the Square, cast off like so much Garbage. I will not serve you as a member or commander in your Militia nor do I think you would have me do so, but if you find yourself over your head and need to talk to someone who has been to the heart of Myrken's darkness, come find me at Istota Gora if your flouncy face can bear it.

Agnieszka Kaczmarek River (private citizen)
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Re: Order Among Chaos

Postby Dulcie » Sat Sep 06, 2014 5:16 am

Kacela, the wild woman saw one of the posters in the town. She had no ability to read, however the mutterings of the crowd intrigued her. This thing they spoke of sounded as if it matched her ideals. Protecting the people of Myrken Wood. She muscled her way through the crowd, her dark, leather clad body gaining a great amount of clearance as the common folk stepped aside. She had the presence of a predator even when there was no prey in sight.

She grabbed the poster from where it was hung and stalked off, only to return to her home later that evening, producing the crumpled paper to her mate.

"What is this mill eh sha?" She asked, pronouncing it horribly as she had tried all day to remember how it was spoken.
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