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Postby Antichthon » Thu Jan 21, 2016 6:01 pm

Ailova had been the one to convince Phor her definition of fate was flawed; just because something was part of your fate didn't mean it was the whole of it. That realization had helped her to see herself as more than a whore. However Gloria was taking it too far, and Phor was getting irritated again. "That doesn't make any sense."

"Curses can be banished. Like mine, and like yours."

No fucking shit! That's why she was asking! If Gloria didn't think they could be banished, why would she take so long to say it? That was the whole point of the conversation! Phor clenched her jaw, but kept her volcanic frustration from bubbling out. "Okay," she said carefully, to keep her tongue from slicing. "How are we gonna do it?"

Besides being a dipshit, what was wrong with Gloria? she claimed she was fine, but she wasn't. Was she sick? Was she dying? She'd better not be dying, because Ailova would blame her for it!

"I'm tired. And I don't feel well. I've sometimes not got the right set of sails to — to navigate through old memories."

Sometimes it hurts to remember. That's all she needed to say! That's all she needed to fucking say! And no cure, no plan, no nothing?

"Goodnight, Phor."

Her face had gone beet red. Had she access to a knife she would have slit Gloria's throat, cut her open and painted the walls.

What she did was bite the pillow and scream herself to sleep.
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