With a little faith

With a little faith

Postby Cauchemar » Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:07 am

At the corner of the building, left side nearest the stable door, to be precise, rested a mark. Deep red in color, too small to be seen clearly. One would need to kneel down to peer at the small drawing. With great care a single feather had been painted on the board. The color was dark, but definitely red. Though it was obvious the mark was new, some bits of it had already begun to fleck away, leaving a slightly less deep color beneath where the majority of the media used to create it had soaked into the wood.

On the dirt, just below the feather was a tiny carved amber ring.

There were footsteps in the earth leading to and from the painting, and a single crimson hair caught in the painting itself.

OOC note: Will be moving the remainders of this post into a central location, even though they will be taking place in various parts of the town and outlying areas.
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