A little hidden joy.

A little hidden joy.

Postby Alastir » Wed Jun 20, 2007 2:44 pm

It was late at night when he'd come back to the stables to check on the saddlebag hidden under hay. Everything was in order. Nothing had been moved. His horse had seen to that. And with the heavy saddlebag under arm, he made his way back to his room to hide it and it's contents there. The horse merely neighed, leaving him to his work.

But admist the stables slats, eyes were watching. Silently spying. And they were not his own.
I'm gonna suture up my future, I ain't jaded, just hate it hard to explain, done & buried all I carried.
all my evils, through a needle, as I pull through the eye, of what was & what will, are now gone,
don't sweat it, thread it to forget it,
to feel like you've already gone on, to the rest of,
the rest of the life that you've got,
tie loose ends & bury it all away.

~ If it can't be healed; you're already dead. ~
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