A Matter Of Height

A Matter Of Height

Postby Tyralor » Tue Mar 09, 2004 9:34 pm

It had been amusing in a sense, having the grappling hook tumble back to the ground for a third time. The cloth covered spikes provided little in the manner of noise to alert anyone of the presence of the skulking form that had been in the shadows of the building. Certainly after the third effort, the suspicion was not so much in his failure to hook on the edge of the building, but rather, for once, someone in a fit of brilliance had managed to build an actual flat roof, leaving nothing for the grappling hook to catch upon. At least, nothing he could see or throw it upon.

"Perhaps an enchantment?" The scholar muttered to himself, as the length of rope was coiled up around his arm once more, before being shuffled carefully into the pack that slid off a shoulder.

It only took a few moments of concentration, and a minor cantip to discover that indeed, it was a matter of brilliance. Magecraft did not prevent the iron spikes of the grappling hook from securing a hold. No tree was in close proximity to the abode that provided for easy access to the roof. From what he could determine of the chimney, its gradual, rounded descent wouldn't hold the grappling hook either. All the lower windows were carefully warded, and he didn't trust picking the lock of the front door. Which left, awkwardly enough, the third level windows as the least guarded, and thus safest of entries.

It was odd how carefully constructed this particular location happened to be. No standard tool of a thief would yield easy access. Fortunately, there were some alternatives.

"This is rather amusing", the scholar muttered to himself as he remained stooped near the backdoor of the stables. Delicate, thin pieces of steel were being twisted about within the padlock. "Relocating possessions in order to further my goal of relocation of possessions. At least the tavern's finally allocated some chump change to the protection of the stable. I'd loathe the thought of it being too easy to rob the place."


"By the Fates, I hate the stables. Hopefully there are few enough horses this evening." The scholar continued to mutter to himself, as he slipped through the back door of the building. If he knew the layout well enough, the ladder wouldn't be too difficult to fetch, now that he was inside. The sound of a hoof thudding the ground did make him pause at the very least. A moment of hammering heartbeats, before silence was restored. Even those montrosities had to sleep, despite the demonic possession they were each under. The swish of a tail a moment later simply send him hurrying on that much faster...

Few enough individuals were awake, at the wee hours of the morning. None noticed the ladder descending from the loft to the exterior, nor the slender form that clambered down the ladder, and proceeded to gather it up again a moment later.

In fact, it was only later that morning, that the use it had been put to was truly discovered, leaning up underneath a window, which had no doubt has a thief perched precariously on the very top rung, despite all warnings to the contrary. A thief that had managed to sneak into an abode, and relocate a rather specific object or two.

The Order of Straka had little choice, but to confinscate it for now, as a matter of evidence. It wasn't as though the owner of the fine ladder was lingering around at the base of it, waiting to claim possession once more, afterall.
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Postby CoreSun » Wed Jun 30, 2004 3:53 pm

The stable boy stood there, staring up at the loft and wondering. He hadn't been up there in a long time no..not for quite some time. In fact, it was sometime last month or so but it did certainly look different.

"...I thought we had a ladder up there a long time ago. Hmm...maybe Pritchard actually come in here and took it somewhere. I'll try and ask him later."

But as always the thought quickly faded from the stable lad's mind as he went about fetching new water for the troughs.
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