A Letter

A Letter

Postby Glenn » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:28 am


I am sure you do not want to read this. I understand if you do not. I will not blame you if you do not.

I have been years away from Myrken now. You may call it an exile. My primary concern has been that I am an unnatural danger to others after all that occurred, as I once absolutely was.

I miss her with all my heart in every moment in a way that only you could possibly understand, both because no one else could have known her as I did and because you understand the connection, ill-advised, that we had.

I have many regrets. I do not write this to make excuses but instead to highlight two because they are important.

When we first connected, we were young, neither of us yet eighteen years old. In some important ways, both of us were even younger than we looked. The nature of our connection, both how it was forbidden and the closeness it provided meant that we confided in one another over all others. It made us inclined to think we could handle all of our problems and all of the problems of the world by ourselves. It gave us a complete confidence that came with another human being knowing all aspects of you. There was never a need to question or doubt or be self-conscious. It was complete acceptance and understanding the likes of which your people likely know well but mine do not. It was an effect amplified back to her. It made us less likely to ask for help in the many times when things became bad.

When they did, when the drow cut off Rhaena's hand and she withdrew within herself, I sought revenge above all. That is my second regret. While continuing to let no one in, I became consumed with the idea of it, harming my body and spirit in order to gain the means. Upon achieving a worthless gesture of revenge, I was swept under, literally as much as figuratively and soon after lost everything else that mattered. Even back then, eight years ago, it was likely inevitable. It took three more years for the rest to occur, but even that was all but ensured by my first regret, described above.

I do not regret our love.

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