New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Postby Treadwell » Fri Aug 18, 2017 3:56 am

Morning of the eighteenth day of the eighth month, 217.
Myrken Wood.
The pig pen behind the Treadwell estate.

"You never were much of a farmer, Aloisius. You were an actor even as a child, always playing and making up stories. Father was the one who handled the land and pigs we had."

Langley Treadwell stands safely within the door leading to the back of the house. His younger brother and one of his nephews sit on a straining bench a few feet away; beyond them, on her side in the mud, lies a new mother of a sow with most of her young either sleeping at her belly or suckling at it, and, beyond even those, the father limps around on his three good legs, munching on something from his trough.

"Besides, you knew this would happen with Pinky when you had the Tubbians return you old Three-Hooves." The black-robed old man waves a hand at the new litter.

"Of course I did, Lang, mmph mmph. We could use the meat in a few months, hm, and the rest of them will be allowed to grow and to join the other pigs at the church." Aloisius Treadwell, wearing only his usual brown floppy hat and coveralls that he wears for outside work, rests where he sits. He keeps his squinty eyes on young Frederick, sitting beside him and now being a little over six and a half years old, who is dressed just like his father except for his outfit's having a hole at the rump to allow his curious little pink tail to wiggle freely. The boy holds the plumpest of the newborns in both arms, letting him sleep, and Aloisius has one of his own arms wrapped around boy and baby.

"Then I will leave you with the lot, brother. I was about to have Jack get one of the carriages ready from the church so that I can take a look around the Wood."

"Judging so soon, hm hm?"

"Of course, Allie. You encouraged it at Wane. I am going to see what I can do for a few days."

"Good, good. Be well, mmph, and be safe, old boy."

"I will! You--and you--" a nod to the child--" need to get away from these pigs, bathe, eat, and sleep! Staying up half the night to deal with a laboring sow? By the Great Gut!"

"It had to happen, mmph mmph. I was hardly leaving her here to suffer! Besides, Lang, could you have slept with a squealing pair of pigs out here?"

"No, and that is precisely why I woke you to deal with the things!"
"Looks like a table to me. Do you think it could hold up someone as bulbous as Treadwell?" -- Dr. Brennan, Myrken Wood Rememdium Edificium
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